How much should I take?

Generally, we recommend that you begin taking our Adaptogen product in small doses and if possible, daily so that your body can get used to them and begin building up over time. You can begin with a ½ teaspoon, working up to 1 teaspoon for the blended products. Listen to your body and slowly build your dose up over a couple of weeks. Tonic herbs are very gentle on your body but everyone has there own ‘perfect’ amount. We recommend a general dosage of 1 teaspoon for our blends but feel free to use more or less. The drinks can be used with their 1 teaspoon recommendation straight away as there are other ingredients eg: cacao along with the Tonic herb so is a gentle ease into the world of herbalism.

How long does it take to feel the benefits?

Tonic herbs and Medicinal mushrooms build up over time in an accumulative way from daily use. The time frame obvious varies between people as we are all different body sizes and body systems. How connected we are to what is happening in our body can impact how soon we feel the changes too. Generally speaking, 4-12 weeks is a good time frame to experiment with when taking a daily dose.

How do I add herbs to a drink or a meal?

Mix, blend or stir them into any beverage or meal. I prefer to take them in the morning (with the exception of the Mushroom Cacao drink which is a beautiful night cap) I mix them into my coffee, smoothie or breakfast oats/chia pudding but there are so many other recipes ideas (click here)

Are your herbs safe to take while pregnant to breast feeding?

I advise consulting with your doctor or medical professional before using medicinal mushrooms or tonic herbs during pregnancy or breast feeding. There is very little research available on the use of tonic herbs and mushrooms during pregnancy so it is best to consult with them to be on the safe side.

Are Adaptogen products Vegan and Gluten Free?

Yes, all Adaptogen products are vegan and gluten free. None of our ingredients have been derived or have involved and animal in any way shape or form.

What are Tonic Herbs? And what is so good about them?

Ancient Tonic herbal ingredients have been used across Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines for centuries. They are extremely powerful plants that help support and improve our ability to overcome stressful situations. They have been traditionally used as a tool of preventative health, restore balance, increase focus and concentration and improve on what the body is capable of. When we consume Tonic herbs regularly, over time, our body adapts and evolves. A range of body systems improve and reduce that stress response that creates havoc in our life and on our health.

What are Adaptogens?

Most tonic herbs have properties that are identified as ‘adaptogenic’. Adaptogens are powerful plants that have been classed as having properties that support and improve our ability to handle stress. (Click here for more info) 

What are medicinal mushrooms?

There are so many mushroom species in the world - hundreds of thousands in fact! And there are several hundreds of these mushroom species that have been recorded as having preventative and therapeutic properties and used in Chinese, Ayervedic and Western herbalism for centuries. They are often called medicinal mushrooms, functional mushrooms or superfood mushrooms and are used for various reasons.

How do I store my Adaptogen products?

Keep your product bags sealed, in a dry cool place. Refrigeration is not required.

How long will my Adaptogen products last?

When you keep your Adaptogen products sealed and in a dry space they will last at least 2 years however refer to use by date on product. In some cases the product can harden over a period of time depending on the level of moisture and air that enters the package. This does not mean that the product is off or unusable, it is still an edible and effective product and will still dissolve in liquid.

Will these products cure my illness?

Tonic herbal medicine is used to help restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body or to promote general health and well-being. These tonics are best utilised when taken over the long term to make our bodies stronger and more capable to withstand stress and potential illness. The basis is for an overall preventative health measure and creating and strong more vital human body condition.

I have a medical disease/condition. What products are best for me?

We are not doctors or licensed health care practitioners. Legally we cannot provide you with any medical advice and any information shared on this website/social media is from a patients own perspective and personal view and should not replace that of a medical professional. If you are concerned about taking any Adaptogen product alongside any medications we suggest consulting your doctor.