Who we are:
 We are a husband and wife team who are balancing the fast paced nature of a modern life with the swings and roundabouts of slowing down and living aligned with nature. We’ve had our own challenges to face with autoimmune issues and chronic and adrenal fatigue. Having experienced it first hand we have become so attuned with what works for us and what doesn’t which is what led us down this road of Adaptogens.
We want to feel good. Actually we want to feel better than good – we want to feel like we are smashing it at life. We want to be living each and every moment we can with energy, presence and vitality without the taxing energy of burnout and fatigue.
 We don’t believe in balance. We believe in living life full out and full on. We believe in wonderful slow sleepy Sundays and fast paced Mondays.
We want it all and we believe that there is beauty in this paradox of life.
 We are a couple of humans living this experience of life on this awesome blue planet who managed to use a world of tonic herbs, mushrooms and berries that has been around since the dawn of time to support our bodies whilst we live our modern way of life.
 We love the ancient wisdoms as much and we love modern technology.
Adaptogens have been used in Chinese, Ayerveydic and natural medicine for centuries and we began using it to adapt, evolve and thrive.