Energy & Vitality



Energy & Vitality

We all understand that energy is a finite resource. We want more good energy and less low energy.  Which is where we come in - we can support you with this energy enhancing, non-stimulate or adrenal burning herbal tonic.

This energy blend will give you sustained ‘clean’ powered energy throughout the day without the highs and lows that you get from all those ‘dirty’ non-sustainable stimulates. You can even add it to your coffee in the morning to ease out the spike and remove the crash to power through your day.

* Enhanced Energy

* Reduced Stress and Cortisol

* Supports Adrenal Glands

* Fight Fatigue

* Balance Hormones

* Increase Mental Focus


*Astragalus, *Ashwagandha, *Maca, Tribulus, *Shiitake Mushroom, *Siberian Ginseng.

(*) Certified Organic

How to use:

Blend 1 teaspoon into your smoothie, juice or mix into your favourite food or desserts.

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