Focus & Motivation



Focus & Motivation

A carefully constructed formula of natures smart foods to enhance your overall cognitive function. Which means that you will be mentally sharper, more focused, improve your memory, problem solving and manage brain fatigue – who doesn’t want some more of that!

This little tonic can be utilised when you find that you are brain taxed by the end of the day to help support you without the adrenal draining elements of caffeine and stimulants.

* Enhanced Cognitive Function

* Increase Focus

* Boost Memory

* Reduced Brain Fatigue 


Reishi Mushroom, *Maca Root, *Ashwagandha, *Shiitake Mushroom, *Ginkgo Leaf, *Astragalus

(*) Certified Organic

How to use:

Blend 1/4 to 1 tsp into your smoothie, juice or mix into your favourite food or desserts.