Rest & Restore



Rest & Restore

This is a perfect nightcap to stop that racing mind and slip away into a deep restorative sleep.  Delicious chocolate creaminess with a hint of cinnamon to nurture the taste buds and comfort the soul. The real gems in this drink are the Valerian to support you getting to sleep,  Reishi mushroom that helps you stay asleep and reach a deeper state of sleep and Organic Maca to balance your hormones into that sweet spot. Natures sleeping tablet without the morning grogginess.

* Increase Sleep Quality

* Assist Relaxation

* Promotes Sleep

* Regulate Blood Sugar

* Balanced Hormones


*Cacao, Reishi Mushroom, *Valerian Root, *Maca, Cinnamon, *Stevia

(*) Certified Organic

How to use:

Whisk 1 to 2 teaspoon into your favourite milk. We love Coconut… If needed, add sweetener and serve hot or cold.




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